Can ArGO All the Way?

By: Tory  |  Published: February 7th, 2013   |  Category: Tory Shulman News





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It was the snub heard round Hollywood. Ben Affleck was left off the Oscar nominations list for Best Director. The horror of it still echoes throughout this town. But, there’s nothing like a comeback story.

Argo won the Critics Choice Award for Best Director and Best Film. Argo won two Golden Globes for Best Director and Best Picture. Argo won Best Ensemble at the SAG awards. And at the Producer’s Guild Award, Argo won Best Picture. That’s a whole helluva lot of hardware for the Garner/Affleck mantelpiece.

So-we have two possibilities to consider. Could Argo John-Wilkes- Booth “shoot-down” Lincoln for Best Picture?

And secondly, could Affleck actually win Best Director by the extremely rare “Write In” method?!

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