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              LOCALLY SALVAGED MAPLE BOOKENDS for THE LITERARY DAD—$75.00 http://www.etsy.com/listing/97558192/locally-salvaged-maple-bookends-eco?ref=tre-2720335559-9 Polish your dad’s book collection with these handsome bookends. Made from locally salvaged Maple, these beauts can be used both horizontally and vertically for taller books. Clear coated then hand rubbed with lemon oil/beeswax finish. C’mon, let him feel feel like Ron Burgandy on his big day:  “I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.” Website: www.thedesignpallet.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/designpallet                               MEN’S CUSTOM STAMPED […]

Feeling Exposed while in the Nude–This One is for Jessica Simpson

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Could I do it? Could I be that girl? The kind of girl who wears 5 inch nude high heel shoes from The Jessica Simpson Collection? The short answer is yes. Oh yes. They are so hot and so perfect and so cheap. But this was, of course, after the whole fiasco. The other day, I decide that I am going to do a little personal shopping. This is quite rare since I have many anxieties some of which include: being afraid of driving, being afraid of malls, being afraid of driving to malls, being afraid of entering mall parking […]

The Art of Giving Directions

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So there I was yesterday walking my dogs in my absolute coolest outfit. Usually I walk the dogs in sweats resembling a homeless person who just got kicked out of her tent. But today I decided to make an effort. I had on a skirt with cute sandals and a beautiful purple knit top with a darling brown belt pulling the whole thing together like the Dude’s rug. I felt good. I felt sexy. I felt super LA but in a New Yorky kind of way. Suddenly a blue van pulls up behind me and slows down. I keep going […]

thttp://toryshulman.com/11-things-to-do-when-youre-sick-of-feeling-heartbrokenTory’s Top 10 Virtues of Being Patient to Make Herself Feel Better While She Waits to be Discovered

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So as all of you know I took the crack pipe road less traveled by and decided to become an actress with hopes of fame and fortune one day. So far I have been extremely lucky but I have yet to hit the Jackpot so to speak. Thus I am constantly at war. Not with my agent or manager. No. One with patience. I am forced to be patient. I have no choice but to be patient. And I shall openly confess here and now that Victoria Rachel Shulman has never been very good at being patient. Tory’s Top 10 […]