Tory’s To-Do List for Unemployment

By: Tory  |  Published: September 6th, 2011   |  Category: Funny Stuff, Rants & Raves, Tory Shulman News, unemployment

Hey guys. Just wanted to give you all a heads up that my MSN web series “HerSay” has come to an end. Ironically, the job ended right before Labor Day which turned out to be more of a Lack-of-Labor Day for me—and most of the rest of America I’m sure. Now to make sure I didn’t just sit on the couch depressed and watch Dog Whisperer marathons, I decided to set some “unemployment golden rules.” See below. TORY’S T0-DO LIST FOR UNEMPLOYMENT 1. Don’t spend all my money 2. Try anything and all things to make money. This might include […]

My “HaHa” Moment

By: Tory  |  Published: August 16th, 2011   |  Category: Buddhism, Funny Stuff, pema chodron, Relationships, Tory Shulman News, women

I know Buddhism and hilarity don’t usually go hand in hand but just listen to this story my Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron recently told. Trust me, it’s a “haha” moment. Pema relayed to the group that a couple of years ago she was leading a 2 week retreat titled: “Drive All Blames into One.” The retreat was meant to emphasize the utter importance of looking inward in every situation, even if you think you did nothing wrong. One must always take responsibility for the part they played. At the end of the two weeks Pema was answering questions when a […]

Top 3 Movies to Watch During the Financial Crisis

By: Tory  |  Published: August 9th, 2011   |  Category: Film, Funny Stuff, movies, Tory Shulman News

Money woes here. Money woes there. Money woes everywhere. London is on fire due to rioting by an unruly youth that has no job prospects and the US has a credit rating the same as a Motel 6. These days even a green dollar seems blue. Hence I give you: Tory’s Top Three Movies to Watch During the Financial Crisis. 1) BOILER ROOM A skinny Giovanni Ribisi drops out of college only to become a fast-paced broker for a booming suburban investment firm. His colleagues form a frat group of hot men filled with adrenaline, high tech toys and too […]

Top 3 Movies to Have in Your First Date Arsenal

By: Tory  |  Published: July 27th, 2011   |  Category: Film, Funny Stuff, movies, Rants & Raves, Reality Television

Let’s be honest. These days you can go for months without having to speak to another human being. Technology has helped make things faster and easier however, it has completely depleted our social intelligence. I can no longer hold conversations more than three minutes long. I get bored in commercials and have to change the channel. I want to skip to the next song when I am listening to the radio. So I know how flipping awkward it is to go on a first date these days when all you really want to be doing is Facebook stalking or scrolling […]