Top 3 Movies to Have in Your First Date Arsenal

By: Tory  |  Published: July 27th, 2011   |  Category: Film, Funny Stuff, movies, Rants & Raves, Reality Television

Let’s be honest. These days you can go for months without having to speak to another human being. Technology has helped make things faster and easier however, it has completely depleted our social intelligence. I can no longer hold conversations more than three minutes long. I get bored in commercials and have to change the channel. I want to skip to the next song when I am listening to the radio. So I know how flipping awkward it is to go on a first date these days when all you really want to be doing is Facebook stalking or scrolling […]

The Obviously Guilty

By: Tory  |  Published: July 5th, 2011   |  Category: Funny Stuff, Rants & Raves, Reality Television

So she’s obviously guilty right? I mean, even if I didn’t know about her incriminating google searches, which included such harmless words as ‘chloroform’ and ‘manual neck-breaking’ the woman looks guilty as sin. Those starched, button downs she wears in different shades of Easter pastels are not helping. Her hair looks old, pulled back tight and up in the “Rachel Green clip” that was so popular in 1993. And those eyes, those two black coals always register a strange detached emotion. Could it be.? Yes. It is. It’s boredom. I haven’t been an avid follower. I caught snippets in the […]

11 Things To Do When You’re Sick Of Feeling Heartbroken

By: Tory  |  Published: July 1st, 2011   |  Category: Buddhism, Reality Television, Relationships

1) Get deep into a dramatic TV series on DVD. I’m talking The Wire, Dexter, Homicide etc. You need to have intense characters to bond with and twisting plots to gasp at. Pick something with three seasons or longer depending on how lonely you are. 2) Crosswords. They are time consuming and you look smart doing them at Starbucks. Extra points if you subscribe to a newspaper to get your crosswords since this gives you a little something to look forward to every morning. 3) Knitting. I know. Nerd Alert. But the skill is very easy to pick up and […]