By: Tory  |  Published: March 13th, 2014   |  Category: Tory Shulman News

I love make-up but I don’t love spending my life savings on it.

Thus I present to you my weekly Drugstore Roundups to offer up some better cheaper choices.

ps. All of these were confirmed to be great products by the drag queen next to me who was extremely helpful so you KNOW these are winners.


1) Sonia Kashuk Foundation

I had heard rad reviews about this one so I went for it. This foundation is a little bit thicker than Revlon or L’oreal True Match and the colors were MUCH more spot on for me. I chose Vanilla which roughly translates into “sickly pale but trying desperately to look like I have been sun kissed” skin tone.   The price is more reasonable than MAC and it has the same amount of coverage. Plus no animal testing. Mama Likey.

luminous foundation


2) L’Oreal Silkissime Eye Liner Pencil.

We can all agree on one thing: No one knows how to pronounce this fucker. Silkissime is by far the worst name I have ever heard for a product but this thing is a great buy. Goes on super smooth like the amazing Urban Decay Glide On Pencils at a fraction of the price. I bought mine in plum since I got those green eyes but I would suggest buying one in every flavor since the pencil point is thin enough to wear for day time but adding some smudging would work great for a smokey eye in the evening. Are they saying Silk Is Me? I don’t get it.




3) NYX Cream Lipstick in Tea Rose

I wrote a blog post about red lipstick awhile back and yet I still continually buy it like I suffer from some sort of weird Cosmetic Addiction. It never ever looks good on me. I always look like a Vampire Clown that is trying too hard and no one wants to be friends with a Vampire Clown that is trying too hard. Introducing NYX Lipsticks. I bought their Cream lipstick which is fabulous. Goes on smooth and stays FOREVER. A huge improvement over the cream lipsticks offered by  Revlon or Maybelline  that glide off pathetically and almost instantaneously.  Sadly, I was too nervous to buy any of the NYX Matte lipsticks because my lips were dry and I didn’t want to end up looking like a Vampire Clown who is trying too hard who also needs a drink of water. But with the fantastic results from the Cream lipstick–I’m gonna take my chances next time. (Bozo The Neck Biter would be my Vampire Clown name, btw)




Hope you enjoy being a Drugstore Cowgirl! Leave comments or questions and I’ll be sure to get back to you.