By: Tory  |  Published: June 11th, 2013   |  Category: Tory Shulman News

Have you guys ever thought about giving up? Like on the whole dream? I have. I am thinking about it right now. (Pause for dramatic effect).

No in all seriousness, I am marinating the idea in my head. The main reason boils down to one thing: success.  I was raised to be successful and to move forward in my career. I worked extremely hard in high school and college so that I could be prepared. But for what? I’m doing literally nothing. Like the opposite of something.

I know that an artist’s career is more of an up-and-down graph than a linear line. I know that there isn’t a straight forward way to make it in this business. But I’m an ADD, wild and messy chick who craves structure so the fluidity of it all makes me feel like I’m drowning. (amazeballs water metaphor no)?

I’m also surrounded by incredibly talented people who are working much harder than I am yet still not making any progress. So what hope do I have? Maybe I want to be a writer? A dog trainer? A mom? A teacher? A primate specialist at the LA zoo? I could start a path like one of those green lines from the Fidelity commercials and have a clear route towards success. And maybe I’d be happy.

Or maybe my fear would come true. That if I did give up on it–I would feel an itch I never got to scratch for the rest of my life. And only lemon juice in a paper cut is worse than that.

Thoughts? Advice? Lessons?