Lip Service

By: Tory  |  Published: January 14th, 2014   |  Category: Beauty, lip, make up, sephora


Ok so I love wearing bright red lipstick. I feel fresh, I feel modern, I feel like I’m in a L’oreal ad.  This red lip is a staple of sexiness and I tend to sway my hips just a wee bit more when I’m wearing it.

Only problem.: My husband hates red lipstick.

So does every single man I’ve ever met.

I asked about the red lip debate at my last dinner party and received these answers from the men in the room.

“Your lips look chapped.”

“You’re trying too hard.”

“Hey Kool Aid Girl”

(To be fair, that last comment was made to a girl drinking some Kool Aid).

So what did I do? I took to my make-up table and started experimenting and I figured out a way to wear the red lip proud without scaring off the men folk.

Step 1) Apply a calming balm or chap stick to your lips. This can be anything you like from Root Beer flavored Lip Smackers to $10,000 Creme de la Mer Caviar Mouth Exfoliant. Whatever floats your boat. I tend to like the Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment but to each his/her own.

Step 2) Take your bright red awesome Taylor Swift lipstick and using just the tip (just the tip hahaha) apply it to the edges of your lips only—like a lip liner pencil. (Remember lip liners from 1997????)

Step 3) Smush your mouth together like yo mama taught you.

And ta da! The perfect mix! You have a nice bright gloss that shows off some color while taming down your whorish look!

Try this with Berrys and Plums as well and enjoy your new found lip colors!