The Secret-Sauce to Survival

By: Tory  |  Published: December 10th, 2012   |  Category: Tory Shulman News

    As most of you know, I’m not a the adventuresome sort. In fact, I am a bit of a homebody. Or as my friends and family sometimes call me–a sad, sad, reclusive hermit. However, I do enjoy the idea of adventure and I find myself absorbing any kind of extreme survival stories, books, TV shows or documentaries I can get my hands on. My latest read was a terrific book called “Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies and Why” by Laurence Gonzalez. I highly recommend it. Gonzalez takes you through a myriad of AMAZING survival stories and explains […]

How The Dalai Lama Deals with Remorse

By: Tory  |  Published: July 26th, 2011   |  Category: Buddhism, pema chodron, Rants & Raves, Relationships

Let me share with you one of my favorite stories. The Dalai Lama with working with an American psychiatrist who was interviewing him for a book on happiness. The subject of remorse was broached: His Holiness explained that one time an elderly Buddhist man came to see him to ask for instructions on how to do a very difficult Yoga pose. The Dalai Lama told the man that he was too old and should not attempt the pose as it would be too dangerous. The old man thanked the Dalai Lama, went home and killed himself so he could be […]

11 Things To Do When You’re Sick Of Feeling Heartbroken

By: Tory  |  Published: July 1st, 2011   |  Category: Buddhism, Reality Television, Relationships

1) Get deep into a dramatic TV series on DVD. I’m talking The Wire, Dexter, Homicide etc. You need to have intense characters to bond with and twisting plots to gasp at. Pick something with three seasons or longer depending on how lonely you are. 2) Crosswords. They are time consuming and you look smart doing them at Starbucks. Extra points if you subscribe to a newspaper to get your crosswords since this gives you a little something to look forward to every morning. 3) Knitting. I know. Nerd Alert. But the skill is very easy to pick up and […]

You have exactly 90 seconds

By: Tory  |  Published: June 24th, 2011   |  Category: Tory Shulman News

“I define responsibility as the ability to choose how we respond to stimulation…Although there are certain limbic system programs that can be triggered automatically, it takes less than 90 SECONDS for one of these programs to be triggered, surge through our body, and then be completely flushed out of our blood stream…If, however, I remain angry after those 90 seconds have passed then it is because I have chosen to let that circuit continue to run.” —-“My Stroke of Insight” by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. If you didn’t know, Dr. Jill Taylor is a one of the top brain anatomists […]