The Road

By: Tory  |  Published: January 23rd, 2013   |  Category: Tory Shulman News



It was all the way in Burbank. I had an audition for “After Lately” and I begged my boyfriend to drive me. I wasn’t greedy though. I let him browse Freak Beat record shop afterwards while I bought cheap L’oreal gel eyeliner at the CVS 1 mile down the road. Which is AMAZING by the way.

The BF drove me on to the lot and was ready to drive up and park the car near the casting trailer. However, Mr. Tight-Ass Universal-Guard-Man refused to let him drive past the gate. Thus I had to walk my NEWLY exercising ass down to the trailers. And guess what? It wasn’t a short walk and I was in heels. And yes, I got a cramp.

The walk actually bordered the Universal lot and I thought about my career choice as I passed by the set of Wisteria Lane.  Did I really think I would be here when I envisioned my future? Walking down a hot road down to yet another audition that probably wouldn’t pan out. I felt so close to success. On my left were beautiful sets and props and a whole world that I wanted to be part of and on my right was the polluted LA river which was almost empty and home to a dead raccoon. Cars were whizzing past me as I walked on the shoulder holding my shameful headshot in my hand feeling that it HAD to get better than this.

And then it did. My reader turned out to be a dear friend who helped me nail the audition and then gave me a ride back to the gate in the company’s fucking golf cart. As I whizzed by the tight-ass security guard, I gave him a wave with deep pleasure.
Moral of this story-the road to success is very long. The road is hot. The road is full of cars and people ignoring you. But if you keep walking, there might be a friend, success and even a golf cart at your destination. Keep walking, people.