Top Three Make-Up Brush Hacks

By: Tory  |  Published: June 4th, 2014   |  Category: Tory Shulman News



1) The Concealer Brush


This one is usually pretty stiff (that’s what she said) and I find it doesn’t really blend in concealer as much as just spackles it on like I”m putting on caulk. Caulk! Such a funny word. So I found it’s easier to use a softer bristle brush for blending concealer and use this brush for…wait for it…powdering! So check it out: I use concealer and blend using the soft brush on my under eye circles. And then I dip this stiffer brush into my finishing powder and tap tap tap until my concealer is essentially sealed in. This keeps this area smudge proof so you don’t end up looking like an exhausted raccoon by the end of the night.


2) The Eye Liner Smudger

three cosmetics flash performance eyeliner

I love this tool. You can use it for almost anything. Even as a stylus pen for your iPad if you wanna look like a total asshole. But I have found a phenomenal use for this puppy. Instead of using a normal eye liner brush which is tiny, sharp and pointed much like my mother’s criticisms of me not giving her grandchildren, I wet this smudger brush and dip directly into some dark eye shadow and smudge into the top and bottom lash line.  It delivers an amazing airbrushed smokey look. You might think this is obvious but wait till I Step it Up a notch, (Wasn’t that an awful but wonderful cheerleading movie)? Anyhoo–next take this smudger and dip it into some warm brown, purple or grey eye shadow and smudge it into your crease! Yes. It has two uses–like the spork! My favorite utensil of all time.


3) Eye Crease Brush


Speaking of the Eye Crease brush–check out this hack. Now please note that his is for the advanced user. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t advanced. For instance, I’m a terrible swimmer and I will always be in the Minnows. No shame. (Fucking Dolphin group). But if you are advanced with make-up then you are probably contouring. Instead of those stiff contouring brushes, I put a little brown shadow or matte bronzer on this brush and tap it into the deepest part of my cheek bones. It gives me way more control and a more appropriate shadow than the normal contour brush which tends to be too thick and awkward. (Definitely what she said).


So brush up on your brush hacks and comment below with any extra tips or questions. Till Next Time!