Tory’s To-Do List for Unemployment

By: Tory  |  Published: September 6th, 2011   |  Category: Funny Stuff, Rants & Raves, Tory Shulman News, unemployment

Hey guys. Just wanted to give you all a heads up that my MSN web series “HerSay” has come to an end. Ironically, the job ended right before Labor Day which turned out to be more of a Lack-of-Labor Day for me—and most of the rest of America I’m sure. Now to make sure I didn’t just sit on the couch depressed and watch Dog Whisperer marathons, I decided to set some “unemployment golden rules.” See below.


1. Don’t spend all my money

2. Try anything and all things to make money. This might include a Starbucks barista job or working at a local marijuana dispensary. Both have good benefits

3. Cancel expensive private trainer at the gym

4. Keep in shape by walking dogs at slightly higher pace.

5. Everyday try to accomplish one scary thing, even if that scary thing is just going to Target all by myself. (C’mon, that’s a fucking overwhelming store.)

6. Make the bed every morning

7. Get out of bed every morning

8. Be mindful

9. Drink more water

10. Try to invent something clever and useful

11. Play the lottery

12. Stay in my Acting class

13. Stay in my Improv class

14. Stay involved in Casting Workshops

15. Ask parents politely to see if they would like to sponsor their daughter’s education by paying for all the above.

16. Have the brakes checked on my car

17. Get back in touch with camp friends

18. Start an Etsy store and sell homemade knitted dog sweaters

19. Have faith in myself as an artist

20. Find out how much I can make recycling bottles

Alright you guys, I would love to hear from you about your favorite “unemployment tips.” Comment AWAY!!!!